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Following appropriate investigations our team will provide a personalised quotation for the necessary services and wait for your consent before proceeding. We will then organise a visit which is convenient to you (although there is no need for you to wait in for us if your drains are easily accessible). Engineers from our repairs team can offer a wide range of repair methods, using advanced renovation trenchless technology where possible or more traditional excavation methods if necessary.

Relining is our preferred method of repair due to it having  very limited disruption. However, there are circumstances where relining is not a feasible option and so the pipe must be excavated in order to be repaired. If pipes have collapsed or access is poor, excavation may be the only answer.

You can be confident that our engineers will treat your property with care and respect and we endeavour to keep the digging to a minimum. We will also ensure that the ground is reinstated to the same standard at which we found it.

Drainage systems near to vegetation and trees are prone to invasion by roots which can cause blockages and damage to your pipework. We can utilise a number of methods including our high pressure jetting equipment to remove roots from your drains to prevent them becoming a major issue in the future.

In other cases such as complex drainage collapse or where it is necessary to fully replace drainage systems then we can use our full range of plant equipment and highly experienced engineers in order to reinstate your drain as quickly as possible.

Where work in public highways is required, Hi-Tec Drains is fully Streetworks approved to work in pavements and roads. We will sort the paperwork necessary to obtain the appropriate licensing from the council (although please be aware that this may take approximately 4-6 weeks to obtain except in emergency situations)

All our repair work comes with a 10 year guarantee - please see the terms and conditions.

Hi-Tec Drains have a dedicated team of drainage repair engineers with the skills and training required to cover a wide spectrum of repairs, including: